Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitar Players, Guitar Students and Guitar Teachers

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for the guitar player in your life look no further than The Creativity Beast Guitar Gifts.  With everything from clothing to electronics and Christmas ornaments you're sure to find that special item to put a smile on your friend or relative's face.

Keep Calm and Play Electric Guitar - on Yellow White Delrin Guitar Pick
Keep Calm and Play Electric Guitar - on Yellow White Delrin Guitar Pick by TheCreativityBeast
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The design on this guitar pick was inspired by the slogan 'Keep Calm and Carry On.'  This version is for people who love playing guitar.  The text says 'Keep Calm and Play Guitar' and includes an image of a gray electric guitar above the slogan.  The design is printed on both sides of the pick and the placement of the graphic and the yellow background color are fully customizable.  You may also add your own text, such as someone's initials, to make this a personalized gift.

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Guitar Strap T-shirts
Guitar Strap T-shirts by TheCreativityBeast
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If you love making music so much that you would play your guitar morning, noon, and night then this funny t-shirt is for you!  The front of the tee reads:  'My other shirt is a guitar strap' in blue letters.  Our graphic can be personalized with someone's name or picture.

This slogan is also available on women's t-shirts, kids' t's, and even dog shirts.

Time To Play Electric Guitar Wallclock
Time To Play Electric Guitar Wallclock by TheCreativityBeast
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This guitar clock will always make sure you make it to your guitar lessons on time.  The front of the clock has an image of a blue electric guitar swirled with white lines and feels very retro.  Curving around the guitar's body is the phrase 'Time to Play' in black scratchy text.  The background of the clock is light blue.  The hours are denoted by 12 guitar picks that circle the face of the clock.

This graphic is also available on square wall clocks and a variety of elegant timepieces.  See this image on all of guitar clocks and wrist watches.  

Time To Play Electric Guitar
Time To Play Electric Guitar by TheCreativityBeast
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This t-shirt makes a great gift for a guitar player.  The graphic is a blue electric guitar that has curved white lines on its body.  The phrase 'Time to Play' is written beside the guitar in a scratched font.  The print size and placement on the tee are customizable and a person's name or website may be added to our graphic to give it a personal touch.

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